Protect the Heart You Love With a Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Photo by Pixabay: Pexels

When thinking about giving a gift to a loved one, it is only natural to think about getting this person a gift you know will be appreciated. Something useful is nice, but a gift that can enhance this person’s health is even nicer. Dark chocolate has amazing health benefits. This popular candy is known to promote a feeling of happiness when it is eaten because it contains compounds like phenylethylamine and anandamide that work to combat depression. Other health benefits associated with dark chocolate are just as uplifting. 

Dark chocolate can have a positive effect on cholesterol when it is eaten because it is rich in antioxidants that nullify free radicals. This is an excellent health benefit because cholesterol plays a big part in heart health. Dark chocolate that has between 50 and 70 percent cocoa in it is also capable of bringing down blood pressure. Since high blood pressure contributes to heart disease and stroke, this is another valuable benefit. Additionally, the flavonols in chocolate may help lower the chance of developing dementia.   

When shopping for a dark chocolate gift basket, find out what percentage of cocoa is in the chocolate that comes with the basket. Chocolate that has less than 50 percent cocoa in it will taste good, but it won’t give you the health benefits mentioned. If you cannot find a gift basket that contains dark chocolate with this percentage of cocoa in it, make your own gift basket by melting dark chocolate and pouring it into chocolate molds. You can also dip fresh fruit like strawberries into the melted chocolate. Nuts dipped in dark chocolate also make healthy treats that will fill your gift basket with healthy goodies. A dark chocolate gift basket is the ideal gift for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, or any other special occasion.    

Autor: Sonia
Photo by Pixabay: Pexels