How to Choose the Right Location for a Family Photo Shoot

Photo by Askar Abayev: Pexels

There are a number of things to consider when trying to find the perfect place for your family photo shoot.  Not only do you want the whole family to be comfortable in their surroundings, but you also need to be sure that there is nothing in the background of your shots that could ruin the look and feel of the images, or invade anyone else's privacy in the process.  You need to think about the style of the photo that you want to create and choose a location that not only fits that style but also offers a number of different locations within it so that you can play about with the composition.

Outdoor Shoots

Having a photo session is a good idea if you can guarantee that the weather is going to stay fine and that the photographer is going to have the light that he needs.  If you live in close proximity to a stately home you could be in a position to use their gardens as a suitable backdrop for your shoot, though it may be prudent to ask whether permission is required before you turn up with a photographer armed with equipment.  For a more relaxed backdrop you could chose a local park or woodland, but you should be prepared to go litter picking if necessary to ensure that nothing spoils your perfect backdrop.

Formal Studio Setting

There are plenty of professional photo studios around the country that will provide you with a set of family portraits.  The only problem with this is that although the shots are of great quality they can often be stiff and lacking in the comfortable informality that an outdoor shoot provides.  One thing that you can be sure of with a studio shoot though is the lighting.

Family Favourites

A good choice of location is somewhere that you all like to visit as a family, when you spend time together having fun.  This way, not only will you end up with a wonderful family portrait where you are all looking comfortable and relaxed, you will also have a visual reminder of the location where you spent so much time together as a family, and where lasting memories were made.  Just remember to make sure that wherever you go you don't capture anyone else in the shot and that the backdrop is clear of litter and anything else that will detract from the family composition.

Autor: Laura Ginn
Photo by Askar Abayev: Pexels