Dressing Well is about Style and Planning

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Retail experts expect the global women's clothing industry to exceed $621 billion in 2014. That's an increase of 12 percent over the past five years. A large part of the reason for this rise is women's love of trending fashion.

However, dressing well is not about wearing the latest fad or spending lots of money. It's about selecting the right pieces to complement your style and building a wardrobe over time.

Plan Your Shopping in Advance  

If you're like many women, you love to shop for clothes. In fact, according to a July 2012 article in the British newspaper The Daily Mail, women spend an average of $125,000 on clothes over the course of their lifetime. Yet, 60 percent of women still claim they have nothing to wear.  
Part of the reason may be that women have many more choices in clothing than men. Additionally, women's clothing trends change frequently. That could be why the study showed that 10 percent of women admit to buying clothing or accessories every week in the middle of the day in order to attend an event right after work. 

Therein may be part of the problem: a lack of planning. By planning your shopping in advance, you can:

  • Avoid spending unnecessarily on pieces you may never wear again
  • Identify the right items to enhance the clothes you already own
  • Take time to build a quality wardrobe
  • Never fret about having the right outfit on hand

To help you plan requires you to establish a clothing budget and to know what you have on hand or need to round out your wardrobe. Are you missing the perfect little black dress or that great pair of summer sandals? Yes, there may be room for the occasional impulsive buy when the right opportunity or sale pops up unexpectedly. However, knowing what you need keeps you focused.

Be Selective about Each Purchase  

The best-dressed women avoid trends. Trends go out of fashion quickly, are often made cheaply, and don't always look good on everyone. Here's what writer Christina Binkley notes in her January 2011 Wall Street Journal article, "To Dress Well, a Woman Should Shop Like a Man": 

One reason for the quality difference is trendiness: Because womenswear is more faddish, there's a perception in the fashion industry that the clothes will be thrown away more quickly. Indeed, fast fashion has trained a generation to seek out throwaway styles.  

Instead, choose clothing that compliments you and the pieces you already have on hand. Look for the right pair of slacks, skirt, and jacket to mix and match. Look for quality over quantity. Having a walk-in closet filled with clothing - half of which you never wear - is a waste of time and money. Why spend $500 on ten items you seldom wear or toss out when the trend changes. Better to spend this same amount on fewer pieces of quality clothing that never goes out of style and lasts for years. 

Anyone can dress well. Smart fashion savvy starts with knowing what works for you and your wardrobe. Dressing well isn't about spending a lot or money. It's about planning your wardrobe and understanding your style.

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Photo by cottonbro: Pexels