Buying Lingerie that Will Stop Your Man in His Tracks

Photo by Darcy Delia: Pexels

Many women think of purchasing nice lingerie as icing on the cake for men. It is a straight-forward way for women to initiate sex with the man you love without feeling particularly uncomfortable or especially vulnerable. However, most relationships eventually reach a plateau where dressing up and putting your best foot forward in the bedroom is no longer a priority. Here are several tips for buying show-stopping lingerie that your man will never forget!

1. Men are drawn to basic colors.

Most men prefer solid black, white or red over brighter colors or patterns. An elegant teddy or baby doll is sure to get his attention quickly. Men love the classics and don't have the same appreciation for unusual trends that most women do. Of course, your average male won't argue about any lingerie you put on, but sticking with the classics will typically draw a more positive response.

2. Men want to see you fit naturally into your lingerie.

Wearing lingerie that is too tight and constricting is not only hard to remove, it is also unflattering and constricting. Women who aren't as curvy often purchase tops that are far too tight because they believe it will give them the illusion of having more cleavage. If your man has already seen you naked, it's safe to assume he approves of your body and knows exactly what your natural form looks like. Don't hide small breasts or swollen tummies with lingerie that makes it hard to breathe.

3. Men want lingerie that is easy to figure out.

Today's lingerie can vary greatly, with different clasps, closures, ties, and openings. Most men agree that classic lingerie with clasps that are in easy to predict locations are the best. You might have spent hours searching for the most beautiful and intricate lingerie you could get your hands on, but it's important to remember that your partner's end-goal once he sees you in it will be to take it off of you as quickly as possible. You don't have to be predictable or boring in your lingerie choices, but a full lace cat suit will likely rank low on your man's list of favorite wardrobe choices.

The truth is, most men simply appreciate having a partner that is willing to put forth an effort to be sexy for them. Nothing you do has to be elaborate or uncomfortable to captivate your man's attention. If you feel sexy, it will come through in your actions and there is nothing that men love more than a confident woman.

Autor: Roz Andrews
Photo by Darcy Delia: Pexels