A Guide to Gift Shopping for the Men in Your Life


Photo by Yan Krukov: Pexels

It can be difficult to find suitable birthday gifts for the men in your life. How many times have you bought socks for your father or a shirt for your husband just because you cannot think of a more suitable gift? Here are some birthday gift ideas for all the men in your life, whether they are your husband, boyfriend, son, father, grandfather or uncle.

First of all, think about the man’s hobbies and interests, whether he likes golf, gardening or go karting. Is there anything related to one of his hobbies or interests that he would like to acquire? If you don’t already know the answer to this question, you could try to find out by asking subtle questions during a conversation about a particular hobby.

Perhaps the man in your life has always wanted to try a new hobby but has not yet got around to it. If you have heard him say in the past, “I’d love to try skydiving” or simply, “I’d love to learn to paint,” why not buy him a voucher for a skydiving experience or enrol him on a painting course?

Similarly, if you think that a particular hobby would appeal to him, why not get him started by buying him, for example, a beer brewing machine.

Whether they play or watch, sporting activities play an important part in the lives of many men. Gifts related to the sport that the man in your life plays or watches will therefore always be appreciated. For example, if a male relative enjoys cycling all year round, a pair of heated cycling gloves would make a thoughtful gift. 

If the man in your life likes gadgets, why not choose one that would appeal to him? There are a wide range of gadgets available from the more frivolous, such as remote-controlled helicopters, to the more serious, such as diagnostic car computers.

Similarly, if a male relative likes to keep up with the latest technological developments, why not buy him the latest cell phone or tablet computer? For a man who already has lots of computer-related items, how about choosing something that he doesn’t already have such as a coffee warmer that he can plug into his computer’s USB port?

If the man in your life enjoys telling jokes, why not buy him something humorous as a gift? From joke books to t-shirts incorporating funny captions, you will definitely be able to find a humorous gift that will bring a smile to his face.

Many men like having barbeques during the summer months. If the man in your life enjoys cooking on a barbeque and has a summer birthday, there is an array of barbeque accessories that you could buy for him, from aprons to marinade injectors to sausage holders.

If your husband, brother or son likes to look his best, a male grooming product may be a good gift idea. Razors and shaving accessories will be appreciated by all men who shave. Some men may be interested in other products such as male fragrances and moisturizers. 

If the man in your life is also a father, a game that he could play with his children would make an ideal gift. A giant outdoor chess board and chess pieces would be appreciated in the summer months, while a tabletop air hockey game would be ideal for playing indoors during the winter.

These gift ideas should hopefully help you to choose the ideal birthday present for your husband, son, father or other male relative. An original, thoughtful gift that is different from the other gifts that he has received will be highly appreciated.

Autor: Roz Andrews
Photo by Yan Krukov: Pexels